“I have forgotten my umbrella. ”
Friedrich Nietzsche


Santimetre is an artisanal design brand for handmade porcelain, manufacturing its designs in low volume batches. We are focused on making thoughtful, enduring and graceful pieces that enhance the quality of our lives.

Santimetre was established in 2009, at the Aegean coastal town of Turkey, Ayvalik. This neoclassical town houses our porcelain manufacturing studio. And it has been the inspiration for all of this endeavor. : ))

Santimetre also had a retail location and a small workshop space on Thompson street in Soho, New York between 2016-2018. Currently we are operating from pop up locations in New York - the latest was the Redhook showroom. The upcoming popup location for November & December 2019 will be announced in Fall 2019.


 Tulya Madra, founder of Santimetre, is a designer and a ceramist, traveling between her studios in Ayvalik, and in New York City. Initially a furniture and interior designer, she became more and more immersed in ceramics over the past years, and porcelain became her preferred medium.

Santimetre’s current collection “anonymous” consists of a wide range of tableware items and kitchen utensils, all hand cast in Limoges porcelain slip. Our tableware is food, dishwasher and microwave safe. All of our designs are customizable in our various porcelain and glaze colors.


Seniz Kasarcioglu, currently runs the production studio. Our meticulous team contracts and expands from 5-10 ceramists depending on the project we are working on. Its a great team who love their occupation and are proud of their productions.